America the Great: 9 Reasons Why

There is richness in the history of the United States of America. The country has fought through time in order to keep its people from going downhill. This is probably the utmost reason why the United States is the greatest country in the world. It cares for its people above anything else and it reflects from its past up until its present running.

We are giving you 9 reasons why is America great:

  1. Freedom for the People

America is big on its advocacy for the people’s free will and personal choice. Americans can be whoever they want to be. Their individual preferences are valued and respected by others as well. There’s no limit for them in achieving their goals and pursuing their dreams.

  1. Transparent Relationship with the Media

Say whatever you want to say and they will listen. The people’s voices are always heard because of the government’s transparent relationship with the press. Democracy is performed at its finest.

  1. No to Racial Prejudice

America embraces any kind of race, culture, religion, and other minorities among its constituents. The country states a big “NO” to violence and discrimination against powerless factions. America promotes equal rights to every living body.

  1. There’s Safety in America

They have high standards in military and police training to provide better service to the people.

Americans feel safe living in their great big country because of lesser crime rates compared to other countries.

  1. Standardized Educational System

Americans are using an educational system that meets global standards. The people know about the latest education trends. Other countries are looking up to the kind of education that the U.S. develops through time.

  1. Competitive Nature

America drives you to be the best you can be. The people have this competitive nature that motivates them to always move forward.

  1. Provides Basic Human Needs

The government ensures its people in terms of their basic human needs. That includes their medical, nutritional, shelter, and sanitation. They have programs to assist their people in meeting all their basic needs while they’re living in the country.

  1. Financial Wealth

Americans earn a very large median income per year which ranks the U.S. as one of the top countries that rank high in financial wealth status.

  1. Living the American Dream

America welcomes a lot of immigrants. First of all, because lots of people around the world want to live the so-called American dream. The country presents a lot of opportunities for people who want to have a better standard of living.