Why Your Kids Should Embrace Technology

Why Your Kid Should Embrace Technology

I got into a debate with another parents on Facebook about whether kids should be embrace technology or shun it. The other parent was one of those parents who won’t buy their kid a tablet and won’t let them use a smartphone. They want their kids to “be kids” and not be “tethered to an electronic babysitter”. You know the type of parent I’m talking about.

But that’s the wrong approach to take when raising our kids, especially since there are many great cell phone spy apps that can benefit their safety. Clinging to nostalgia and trying to recreate your own childhood for your child is doing them a disservice. Technology is a major part of the world today. If you don’t allow your child to learn how to use it, you are putting your child at a disadvantage.

Technology Is Here To Stay

If your child doesn’t know how to use technology that doesn’t make them a special outlier. It makes them less marketable. Your child isn’t going to have the same resources that others have when it comes to getting a good education. Down the line they won’t be able to get the jobs they want because they are learning to use technology that others learned to use a long time ago. 

I’m not saying that kids should be given free and unfettered access to technology or that they should spend every minute using tablets and smartphones. But they should spend some time on those devices and know how to use them. Spending time on the computer isn’t bad for kids, as long as that time on the computer is used to encourage learning and creativity. There are great programs such as Udemy that will put them ahead of other college students by learning from credible instructors, or they can even benefit from using apps that help them save money.  One can argue that social media will teach kids how to safely represent themselves online. And those are skills that kids are going to need.

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What Studies Have Proven

Studies have shown that giving kids access to technology can improve their cognitive skills & give them better problem-solving skills, and help with memory and focus. Technology can also teach kids how to cooperate and work well with others.

So before you decide that your kids don’t need technology or that technology is hurting your kids… Take a look at some of the research on technology and kids and see for yourself the many ways that technology benefits kids. Then you can decide if you want to buy a tablet or a smart phone and start teaching your kid how to use it responsibly.


Trying to give your child the technology free childhood that you had could end up backfiring. In this age, there are a lot of technical & social skills your child needs to get into a top college. Don’t hold your kids back just because you have a prejudice against technology. Learn to embrace technology instead of shunning it.

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