How Technology Is Changing How We Shop In Stores

Now that technology has become commonplace, stores are using advanced technology to cut costs and change the way that people shop. While they can’t necessarily take advantage of the best spy apps out there to collect information, they can find out what their consumers want through other means. Earlier this year, Target announced that they would be redesigning their stores to make them more user-friendly. They’ll use technology to help them deliver a better shopping experience.

In addition, Whole Foods, losing ground fast because of their high prices, unveiled a new cheaper and more modern store aimed at millennials. The new Whole Foods 365 stores are powered by technology and have about half the employees that a normal Whole Foods has. Here’s how these stores are leading the way in changing the way that people shop by using technology:


Target plans to bring new technology to their stores.

Target’s been using new technology to enhance their stores for a while now.

Target has always been on the cutting edge of technology. They were offering eGift cards and accepting payments on smartphones long before any other stores were. Now, Target is totally redesigning their stores to give them a more modern feel. But, they’re also using next level technology to give customers the kind of shopping experience they want.

This time, Target is taking their love of technology one step further. In addition to the tech-based services they already offer, each sales associate will have a portable payment device, like a tablet, that they keep with them. Managers may want to consider installing one of the best spy apps out there on these devices. It’s the best way to monitor their employees and make sure they aren’t slacking off.

Customers can walk up to any employee and pay for their purchases on the spot without having to stand in line for checkout. This new feature is going to revolutionize shopping in Target; it’ll be easier for people to quickly get what they need. Target is also going to add a drive up section to their stores. Customers who order online can drive up to a kiosk, scan their printed or digital receipt, and pick up their item.

Whole Foods 365

The Whole Foods 365 stores are definitely built to attract people that are comfortable with technology. Instead of interacting with sales associates, customers mostly interact with kiosks and iPads. To keep track of what employees and customers are looking up, the best spy apps can be installed on them. Self-checkouts cut down on costs and make it easier for people to get what they need and go. Customers can use in-store iPads to scan items they want to learn more about. They can look up prices, ingredients, suggested recipes, and other helpful information.

While the stores will primarily carry the Whole Foods 365 label products, they’ll still have plenty of familiar features. There will be a meat and deli counter, coffee bar, sandwich bar, and plenty of prepared foods. People will be able to quickly grab a healthy meal on the go whenever they want. In addition, there will even be a robot that makes custom tea blends in-store, so people can create their own flavors.

Critics say that these tech changes to shopping are just a ploy for businesses to get out of paying a living wage to their workers. But there’s more to it than that. These days, people are busier and have less free time for shopping. Being able to use technology to quickly get what they need, without having to make small talk with employees, is something that they find appealing.