Tech Gifts That Will Help Kids Develop Their Imaginations

Technology isn’t as evil as some parenting sites make it out to be. It’s true that technology can be overused and it may hurt a child’s development if you don’t use Android spy software to monitor them. Parents should also encourage kids to use technology as a learning tool. But if you teach your children how to develop their skills and imaginations with technology, then it can be very useful. Here are a few cool technology toys and games that kids can use to hone their creativity and learn crucial skills, like critical thinking and problem solving:


Remember this toy from when you were younger? I sure do. Back then, it was a special pair of goggles that allowed you to look at images that you could insert into the viewer. Today, the View-Master is much more technologically advanced. It’s now a virtual reality device that allows children to view three-dimensional scenes of lakes, rivers, space, and many other locations. If you want your kids to immerse themselves in their imaginations, for an inexpensive price, the ViewMaster has you covered.

Playmation Marvel Avengers

The Playmation Marvel Avengers kit is a great toy for developing imagination because it’s a totally immersive experience. Kids play with figures, wearable tech gear, and more to complete missions. As they complete more missions, their gear can acquire new abilities. Plus, there is even a mobile app that allows them to access additional missions. Android spy software can help you keep track of what they’re doing on their smartphone or tablet. Not only is this kit thrilling for kids, but it’s a great imagination builder.

Crayola Color Alive Easy Animation Studio

It's easy for kids to create art with technology.

Kids can now use technology to create art.

You might be surprised by how inexpensive this gift is. The Crayola Color Alive Easy Animation Studio is fantastic for budding artists and digital graphics fans. It allows children to create and animate their own short video sequences on a computer or tablet. You may want to consider using Android spy software to make sure that they’re staying safe online. Kids can design their own character or choose from some preset ones. Then, they develop the story and create the animation themselves. If your child has an interest in graphic design, game design, or storytelling, this suite of tools is a great, affordable gift.

Roominate Deluxe

Roominate Deluxe is more than just a game. It lets kids design their own buildings, rooms, and other structures from the ground up. With this DIY dollhouse, they learn how to solve engineering problems and tackle other STEM-related topics. Plus, they can decorate every room and building they create. They’re able to make playsets and backdrops, which they can use with other toys or to illustrate their own stories. There’s almost no end to the things they can discover, build, and learn about with Roominate Deluxe. It’s designed to appeal to girls so they become interested in the STEM fields. So if you have a daughter, you definitely need to buy her this playset.