Why Are Vacuums So Expensive, And Do I Need A Roomba?

Everyone has most likely experienced a Kirby Vacuum salesman knock on their door on a Saturday afternoon. The Kirby Vacuum demonstration is quite the sight to see. In fact, it’s more than just an ordinary vacuum; it’s defined as a “cleaning system.” Well, in the days of expensive vacuums, where can you get the most bang for your buck? Is Kirby really the best option? Are there other models that can beat the cost of a Kirby, but still deliver the same quality of clean?


Kirby Vacuum Cleaning Systems are said to retail brand new for near $1200. This, of course, as previously mentioned, comes with the good old-fashioned Kirby salesman demonstration, right inside your living room. These expensive vacuums have many different parts, which offer a variety of cleaning options. These, according to Kirby include:

  • Deep-Cleaning Upright
  • Carpet Shampoo System
  • Turbo-Powered Pet-Hair Vacuum
  • Canister Vacuum
  • Hardwood Vacuum
  • Tile & Grout Cleaner
  • Hard Floor Cleaner and Mop
  • Hand-Held Portable
  • Straight Suction Upright
  • Portable Workshop for Sanding, Buffing and Scouring
  • Portable Carpet Shampooer
  • Air Pump

While there are so many ways to use these components, are they all really worth $1200? To each his own. But note that used Kirby Cleaning Systems can be found online at significantly discounted prices.


Throughout the commercial cleaning industry, there’s a lot of chatter about which expensive vacuums are the best. Windsor’s name has been mentioned enough for people to take notice. The most comparable model to the Kirby Cleaning System is the Sensor XP15. This upright vacuum by Windsor retails new for $796. Still, the Kirby has 3,200 brush rotations per minute while the Sensor XP15 only has 2,700. But, the Kirby is almost twice the price, and 2,700 brush rpm is nothing that won’t get the job done.

Sensor XP15, however, is a lighter, more compact, and simpler vacuum than the Kirby. Kirby Cleaning Systems are all at least 22lbs, while SensorXP12 and XP15 are only 16lbs and 19lbs, respectively. Windsor’s Sensor XP vacuums are also the real deal for all upright vacuums. If you aren’t looking for a full list of scrubbing, “portable workshop” capabilities for your vacuum, one of these Sensor XP’s might be a perfect fit to keep your floors clean for years and years.


Homeowners love their Roombas.

This handy little machine can be found in homes across the USA.

The 21st century technology epoch of the cleaning world: Roomba. The Roomba line of products continues to grow, and features models that range from $374.99 (iRobot Roomba 650) to $899.99 (iRobot Roomba 980). We also can’t leave out the iRobot 860 Vacuuming Robot and Braava 380t Mopping Robot Bundle for $799.98. Braava, Roomba’s younger sister, is the mopping robot that reaches tough corners and has a 0° turn radius.

What are the benefits of these little machines? Aside from not lugging around one of those expensive vacuums, or dealing with pesky cords at the beginning and end of every job, a little bit of research is needed to answer this question.

Why Choose A Roomba?

First, Roomba’s iRobot HOME app lets you clean your home from anywhere, at anytime. It’s capable of cleaning all types of floors and will return to the docking station to recharge in the middle of a job if necessary. After recharging, the Roomba will automatically resume where it left off.

One of Roomba’s biggest selling factors is that it automatically increases power on carpets. That’s some serious technology. Roomba cleans under sofas and chairs, where an ordinary vacuum cannot reach. In addition, it handles hair without any trouble, thanks to its brushless extractors. Scared about stairs? Fear not. Roomba’s cliff detection sensors keep it free from treacherous falls while you’re away from home.

The Roomba is significantly lighter than the Kirby and the Sensor XP, weighing in at 8.7lbs. Also, it’s completely hands-free. Use the HOME app to start or schedule a cleaning, and Roomba does the rest. Soon, this will probably be paired with other smart devices that allow voice commands to control when the vacuum is activated or not.

Depending on your needs, any of these three expensive vacuums would work wonderfully. So, for all those people who need multiple cleaning functions, the Kirby might be the best choice. For others who prefer the timeless and therapeutic motion of moving a vacuum back and forth, the sensor XP15 is a sure-fire win. But if you love the idea of being on the fringes of wireless, hands-free, vacuum innovation, Roomba might be the one you want vacuuming your floors; and if you’re feeling really adventurous, give Braava a shot too.